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Specialist in numerical marine hydrodynamics

“Cloud Towing Tank's team expertise in the particular field of wave diffraction in a river channel has been crucial in conducting a detailed assessment that underpins the feasibility of a near-shore development. Cloud Towing Tank has proved to be a pleasure to work with, combining an undeniable academic acumen with pleasant and professional effectiveness. The added value of their assessment conducted by Cloud Towing Tank has been undeniable. We look forward to working with them at the next opportunity.”
Valentin Martin, Navalmartin, London, UK

"Working in close cooperation with this company, we fully satisfy our needs in the hydrodynamic calculations of ships. The accuracy and speed of the calculations pleasantly surprises. In-depth knowledge of the mathematical apparatus used in combination with the engineering approach gives this company undeniable advantages in the accurate and high-quality performance of hydrodynamic calculations of ships of various types."
Alexander Alexanov, Marine Software Integration, Sola, Norway

„Professional, prompt and efficient, with Cloud Towing Tank it is possible to use CFD calculations even in concept design stage.“
Igor Lalović, Flow Ship Design, Pula, Croatia

Fully automated framework for ship resistance and self-propulsion simulations, enabling us to reduce the prices significantly. Check out our updated price list

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Calm water resistance
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Self-propulsion/Trim optimization
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Seakeeping and added resistance
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Wave loads and green water
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